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Second Lesson of the Year

Well, hello followers of The Young Person’s Guide to the Cello! I have just had my second cello lesson of the year and would just love to share what I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks.

I am currently working towards my Grade 7 ABRSM (Royal Schools) so I have learned the two Bourees of the Third Bach Suite, have just begun Largo by Veracini and am now working on Latin For Alex, which I intend to perform in an upcoming competition. I find that I am mostly practicing the clarity of the grace notes as well as rests. I practice this piece continuously with a metronome to work on timing as it’s one of those pieces that is incredibly dependent on precise timing – especially when it comes to playing with the piano! Openness of sound in the treble clef passages is another focus.

I am also working on Sevcik no. 13 (of which I use to practice sound quality and decisive shifting), scales, Piatti and shall begin further finger exercises and thumb position studies shortly.

I practice every day for 1-2 hours and I adore rehearsing my pieces and trio music. Shifting practice and serial control are both in frequent techniques and, being so tediously repetitive, I feel very sorry for those who have to listen in!

– Phoebe P


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