AYS Weekend Camp

Hello followers of The Young Person’s Guide to the Cello!

Firstly, I apologise for the infrequent bursts of posts; life seems to be a contrary ado, though still fun.

As in the title, I’d like to discuss the AYS camp of which took place, well, last weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed the intensive practice of the few days. Breaks were brief, yet it was wonderful conversing with the other members and really, finally, fitting in.

The music improved significantly over the course of the weekend, especially when we were presented with little tasks and techniques to make us work together – to listen. This resulted in immediate progress. I have been able to apply these principles of melding the sound, listening, leading etc. that I practiced in the orchestra to other areas of my musical life too, such as in the school orchestras. This has been really handy in helping me to see what I need to work on and just being a better, and importantly, assertive musician.

The solos! Sight-reading the Swan from The Carnival of the Animals was good only to get a general feel for the piece. I immediately came home and employed my father to help me with it; mainly the quality and concentration of sound. It’s a piece that cannot be left limp and soggy – to be played once each week in the actual orchestra rehearsal (as many do, including I, for simple pieces!)

Overall, a wonderful weekend with wonderful people, spent singing songs from The Sound of Music at twelve o’clock at night, discussing ridiculous yet marvelous pieces of music with friends and, of course, playing my cello.

-Phoebe P


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