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First Cello Recital of the Year

Hello readers!

Tomorrow, I shall be playing in a cello recital. Just a small one, with a group of other young cellists who, like me, shall be performing in the South Auckland Competitions sometime this week (I’m playing on the 20th – shall keep you updated!).

As the concert is for performance practice in preparation for the competition, we’ll be playing the same piece that we shall be performing for the adjudicators later on. In my case, Latin For Alex (also known as Alexander’s Latin) by Walter Haberl; a snazzy piece, one with a vast amount of character! I’ll be playing it by memory… something of which I was initially apprehensive to do as the piece is full of little alterations and variations in the main, reoccurring theme. I was fretting that I’d learn it incorrectly if I were not to look at the music! Much to my great surprise and favour, I picked up on every single little tiny mistake I made and fixed it the first few times I practiced it by memory! This really delighted me.

In the recital tomorrow, I’ll be playing with the same pianist who has helped and accompanied me these past, perhaps, two years. She is a marvelous musician (and person) and, although I have only had one half-hour rehearsal with her, I feel well prepared. As my piece, Latin For Alex, is in list C of the Grade 7 ABRSM syllabus, I have been using the piano accompaniment from the CD in my practice. This has been an immense help as it meant that I didn’t need to dally about, learning how my part fitted with the piano, but spent my half-hour effectively, by “getting into the groove” of the music.

I shall keep you all posted!

– Phoebe P


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