APO, St Matthew’s and APO

Oh! I have this late! So much so that I have far to many concerts to even begin to think about to cover – all in the past week!

I have gone to three public orchestral concerts this week:

Firstly, the concert with soloist Stefan Dohr (principle horn player in the Berlin Philharmonic) with the APO. It was superb! They performed Strauss’ first horn concerto, which was written for his Father in 1882/’83. The encore was Messiaen’s From the Canyons to the Stars, which really was fantastic as it showcased his experience and talent brilliantly – being a contemporary piece for solo horn and having little (or no) set tempo with lots of rests! People initially didn’t quite know what to make of it, resulting in an opulent amount of tittering amongst the crowds… an interesting reaction to music.

The APO’s Beethoven (as the overture) was, in my opinion, even nicer than the body of the concert; probably as a result of my upbringing and favoured, more comfortable music. There was also the gorgeous Second Symphony by  Rachmaninov after interval, of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Now, to the second concert: St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra. I only stayed for the first half (I had a concert of my own to attend afterwards, as you can read in my next post!) though I found it interesting how there was such an obvious leap from NZSO/APO to St Matthew’s – and how this affected even the feel of the music! St Matthew’s first piece, a collection of dances, was something to learn from, I suppose… however, one of the APO’s bassoonists, Ben Hoadly, played a few gorgeous concerti by Weber; of which was much more enjoyable.

The third concert I listened to was with school: an APO discovery concert. It was rather nice, though they stayed around the Romantic/ 20th Century in the choice of music which, for a discovery concert, was a little frustrating! Admittedly, they did begin with Bach’s Toccata and Fugue on the organ, but that’s scarcely far back enough, let alone in depth enough! Never mind.

– Phoebe P


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