This year, I am in five ensembles. At my school, St Mary’s College in Auckland, I’m in the Senior Chamber Orchestra, Senior Orchestra and the Piano Trio. I really adore the music programme at St Mary’s; some groups will be traveling to Brisbane, Australia, in August this year for a Music Festival. Unfortunately this means that we won’t be in the local KBB Festival (the biggest music event for secondary schools of the year), but travelling is such an occasion! The Piano Trio is with two of my friends in my year. Presently we are working on the first and second movement of the Dumky Trio, which is certainly one of my favourites.

But I have only mentioned three of the five I’m in this year… As you may have read in a previous post, I’m in another Piano Trio – this time with the pianist and violinist from different schools, which is very exciting. We met at the APO Summer School and shall begin rehearsing the Mendelssohn Trio! I have been practicing well.

The final ensemble is an out of school orchestra. I joined the Aotea Youth Symphony (AYS) late last year. It is such fun to make friends with all of the members and the music, unlike the music at school, certainly requires practice. It has plenty of solo opportunities for able musicians and we play a huge range of music from different periods.